Nationwide Modern Streetcar Consultation | United States

Modern Streetcar Development across the US

  • Completion Date Ongoing
  • Budget Wide-ranging
  • Scale Wide-ranging

As a consultant to numerous cities across the country on the development of modern streetcar lines, the projects range in scope and scale and include project management services, finance planning, economic development, securing financing, alternatives analysis, design, construction and utilities management, operations planning and contracting, and vehicle acquisition, among other specialized services. We assist clients to evaluate streetcar feasibility, develop options, and successfully implement a streetcar system that enhances regional transit service and improves connectivity for the local communities. Current and past clients include Washington, D.C., Oklahoma City, Detroit, Tacoma, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Reno, San Antonio, Boise, Tucson, Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, Santa Ana, and Seattle.

SOJ Scope

  • Feasibility and Financial Analysis
  • Economic Development Strategies
  • Route Assessments
  • Entitlements Management
  • Community Relations
  • Management of Planning, Design and Construction